General questions about me

Feel free to send me a question that isn't listed below

  • What is your diet like?

    I used to be very obsessed about diet. I’ve tried all diets from Raw Vegan to no grain, Paleo and Aruvedic. I believe that diet is very unique to the individual (based on your beliefs, your body type, metabolism or how your body responds to different foods). I am lucky that my body does well on almost every diet and that I have a fast metabolism. Now my diet is composed of foods that make me feel good. I don’t count calories or restrict myself from certain foods, but I also don’t eat foods that don’t make me feel good, like most processed food, fake food, candy or soda. When trying to figure out your diet, go for healthy, eat foods that give you energy, that don’t make you feel heavy and slow after you eat and make it custom for you.

  • Do you lift weights?

    No I don’t lift weights. I used to lift weights everyday until I was 23 years old. Then I stopped. I started to pursue other forms of exercise. I got really big into rock climbing and extreme sports. There is nothing wrong with lifting weights; it just doesn’t help me with my goals of body weight movement.

  • Do you do anything else other than yoga?

    Yoga and yoga based body movement is 90% of what I do. I love rock climbing and I climb every chance I get but with my busy travel and teaching schedule I don’t get a lot of chances to climb. Yoga lacks a lot of pulling. It is important to add some sort of pulling exercise into your practice, like rock climbing, pull ups, swimming or surfing.

  • How long have you been practicing yoga?

    My first experience with yoga was in 2001 when I was doing martial arts (Hap Do Sool) and there was one day a week where we did yoga. After I stopped practicing martial arts in 2004, I stopped doing yoga until I rediscovered it in 2010. This is when my real yoga practice began and when I started to discover all the other aspects of yoga beyond the asana.

  • Where are you based?

    I am not based anywhere at the moment. I am a full time traveling yoga teacher.

  • Did you used to do gymnastics or circus?

    I was never a gymnast or acrobat. I’ve been involved in some form of fitness since I was a child but I didn’t start handstanding or doing arm balances until I started doing yoga, which was 2010.