Where do you usually teach?

AT THE BoTTOM OF THIS PAGE You can request me to come and teach at your studio

  • Do you a have a home studio that you teach at?

    I no longer have a home studio. I am teaching workshops, festivals and trainings all over the world.

  • How do I sign up for your workshops?

    All my workshops are listed here. To sign up for a workshop or if you have questions about workshop pricing, please click on the link to the studio that is hosting the workshops. The hosting studio handles all sign-ups, pricing and workshop details.

  • Do you ever teach in my country or city?

    All of my workshops are listed here and my past workshops are here. If you don’t see your city or country listed in my workshops and you have a studio that would like to host me, then please send me a request through the button below.

  • Do you have any online programs?

    Yes, absolutely. On the Practice Online page you can find all my training plans. I work together with Cody App.

  • What are your requirements to come to our studio?

    I have very few requirements to come and teach at your studio. If you are interested in me coming to do a weekend of workshops, please click on the button below and fill out the request form.