SHVA is Dylan Werner, Jayson Madore and Mathew Troy, born and raised in Southern California’s music scene. Friends and musicians since middle school and bandmates since high school, the trio during the past twenty years has explored most aspects of music including Rock, Alternative and Trance. After immersing themselves in career, cultures, and the chaos that comes through a life well lived, they are now exploring the world of New Age and Soundscape with their debut album as SHVA, “Mantra and Kirtan".

SHVA is a culmination of the need to create, the desire to open minds, and the ambition to challenge the listener to find a deeper understanding of self and the surrounding world. SHVA has pushed for decades to write only music that moves us personally, in hopes of uniting us  with humanity. SHVA takes its inspiration from the undeniable truth that this world has much to offer, if one is willing to listen. SHVA exists out of a drive to share the truths we have found through sound and song, and hope the listener is open and willing to dive deeper into a more heartfelt and pure understanding of their personal journey.